Secure your home, your office or any other place. CamFTP to persuade anyone with the cloud system

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  • Votre caméra detecte les mouvements If there is an intrusion
    The camera detects movement
  • Votre caméra se connecte sur les serveurs de CamFTP The camera takes pictures
    The camera connects to servers CamFTP
  • En utilisant la technologie FTP The images are sent to the cloud CamFTP
    Using FTP technology
  • Il n'y a aucun risque que ces images soientt interceptées Images are recorded
    There is no risk that these images are intercepted
  • Seul vous pouvez y accédez avec vottre mot de passe et une connexion cryptées en SSL The images are encrypted on the servers
    Only you can access using vottre password and encrypted SSL connection


The photos are sent to servers CamFTP so they are not lost, stolen or destroyed. The connection is encrypted.

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Keep an eye on your home, office, business, etc. anywhere in the world through the cloud with CamFTP pc, smartphone, tablet, etc.

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Need more security?

need security

CamFTP is an efficient economic surveillance service. This service is designed to protect your home, office, business ... or any other place.

It is accessible from anywhere with internet access. All you need to view these images is a device (PC, smartphone, tablet).

However, if you do not have an IP camera, you can use your WebCam (separate or built into your computer) using free software.

The concept is based on CamFTP motion detection by your cameras. When motion is detected by the camera, a photo is taken and sent to a safe place in the cloud CamFTP.